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Do you have a black screen, BSOD or booting issue on your Computer/Laptop processing slow, annoyed by online breaches, keyboard or mouse not functioning smooth? Or facing any other technical challenges with your device?

If you are facing any kind of the above problems, then you are at the right place. We have it all under control, contact us and we will positively fix it for you. Our professionals at iSquad can completely diagnose and provide an instant solution to each and every technical issue you face with your computer.

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Get the best computer repair service with professional IT support & services in the United States.

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Common Issues


Annoyed with the slow speed of your Computer. The reasons may be temporary files, overheating, registry error, software crash, virus etc.

Consistent Restart

Does your computer restart on its own? The main reasons for this may be Windows update, virus, or any other online threats.

Operating System

Operating System sometimes crashes and freezes and it can slow down work efficiency. The causes can be overheating, virus, software crash etc.

System Threat

Spyware, threats, ransomware, and viruses may harm your laptop or computer, corrupt all data, delete files or diminish it productivity.

Software Upgrade & Installation

Older version software takes excessively time to respond and slows down the Computer. To overcome this, timely upgrade and installation is vital.

Settings & Wireless Connectivity

Display problems and internet issues may happen down to improper router connection, cable connections or system settings.

System Repair & Maintenance

Computer errors can be allied to OS installation, hard drive, software, hardware and other peripherals which require repair & maintenance.


Dying fans, poor ventilation, and heavy usage of Computer may trigger overheating leading to mouse auto shutdowns, glitches and lockups.

Broken Screen

There may be damages,flickering or malfunction on your Computer or Laptop screen showing it needs repair or replacement.

Motherboard Issues

Motherboard issues may be difficult to detect. Motherboard failure, short circuit, corrupted BIOS are some major problems you may face.

Facing Keyboard Issues

At times when keyboard breakdowns, the keys stop working. To optimize its performance, repair or replace the keyboard.

Hard Disk Problems

Computer/Laptop shutting down automatically, restarting constantly, windows update failing, disturbed by online threats can result in hard drive failure.

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Professional, friendly computer repairs at your home.

iSquad provides computer repairs for homes as well as businesses in US. Our highly experienced and fully dedicated computer technician can repair your computer, laptop, Mac, or mobile device so you can get back online as soon as possible. We completely understand that nothing is worse than being disconnected, and this is the reason why we offer computer repairs on weekdays, evenings, and weekends with same day service. Indeed, we guarantee that your computer repair technician will find a solution to your problem or you don’t pay – it’s that simple!

Call 833-361-3601 or complete our online enquiry form today to set up an appointment with a computer repair experts!

iSquad – We care, We Dare!

iSquad is a mobile computer repair business offering service all over in the United States. We guarantee our experience will exceed your expectation.

Our friendly computer repair technicians can assist you no matter where you purchased your computer. We’ll come to your home or business and diagnose the problem right in front of you. We guarantee that our experience will exceed your expectations.

For quick immediate service, call 833-361-3601 now or complete the form on your right and we will call you back ASAP to confirm your booking.

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Client's Reviews

I have been working with isquad and team for a few years now. Without any doubt they were always very reasonably priced, very patient with me since I am not real comfortable with my computer. The members of isquad always gets back to me within a few hours. I trust isquad and team to give me the best advice at a reasonable price.

- Albert

JAY YOU ROCK!!! I just wanted to say Thank you JAY and team for building my custom computer for me. I am really happy with the setup for Windows and the speed of my computer. I will recommend isquad computer repair and services in the future, they were fast in expediting customer service. Extremely careful in making sure all the parts went organized and the software was compatible. Jay was diligent, with issues that arose and handle them in a very professional manner. Once again, Jay Thank you.

- Joe

I am looking forward to calling on isquad Techs again and asking them to help me learn some stuff on my Mac (wow it’s so rare to find someone who can do both Desktops Windows stuff and Mac stuff!), and possibly getting more memory for the desktop etc. Jay! Thank You again so much!"

- Willie

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Our Dedicated Staff Members Work With Our Clients to Deliver a Hassle Free IT Experience

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    Connect with any of our experts to repair and fix your issues.

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    We not diagnose your problems, we analyze it too for better result.

  • Solution & Fixation

    Get in touch with us for all your Solution and Fixation requirements.

  • Satisfaction & Feedback

    We guarantee for 100% customer satisfaction work. Send feedback and help community.

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iSquad is a leading, global provider of business and IT support services, aims only to enhance the customer experience by enabling our teams to work more efficiently and effectively. No job is too big or small for us. We love what we do.

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