Data Backup


Data Backup

Whether for laptop, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, iSquad can provide you efficient data backup support to always protect your documents and data. Performing regular backups of your data is very important.

If you are facing any kind of the above problems, then you are at the right place. We have it all under control, contact us and we will positively fix it for you. Our professionals at iSquad can completely diagnose and provide an instant solution to each and every technical issue you face with your computer.

100% Data Backup

Back up your data with Professionals in business.

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Remotely Scheduled Backup to Cloud, Local Disc or Hybrid

We provides a range of data backup services to suit your needs.

Cloud backup saves your data to a safe server on the internet. It can be expanded or downgraded depending on the amount of data you need to save. Local backup collect and store regularly scheduled backups. Hybrid backups are useful for storing large files such as music, photos and graphics, videos and more, so your PC doesn’t get slowed down with gigabytes worth of data you don’t use all the time.

Your Data is Always Safe and Secure

If unfortunately any crashes or issues that cause you to lose data, your backups are always available for immediate access. Even if you lose your Computer/Laptop completely by any means your data can be restored to a new device instantly immediately after a replacement is located.

Fast, Efficient, Secure and Reliable Services

iSquad provides fast backup service and support. We offer highly reliable, top notch, service at most competitive price. Sign up today and secure your data with our services.

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Backup your data with iSquad

We at iSquad will fully manage and monitor your essential business data, we’re committed on protecting your data like it’s our own.

At iSquad, we believe in primitively taking measures against data loss. We guarantee that our solutions will meet your specific budget and needs. With our solutions, you can have the peace of mind that your data remains safe and secure. All our experts have been providing their best services and are dedicated on providing 100% customer satisfaction work.

Don’t risk your data anymore

If your data is not secured, then you are doing a disaster mistake.

Contact iSquad to learn about how you can try us for 30 days at no obligation to you. We will view your satisfaction as crucial to our success. So whether it’s ensuring that you receive timely technical support, or a fast and informative response to your need for data restoration, we’re here always and ready to help.

Have more questions about data backup services? Interested in signing up? Call us at 833-361-3601 and we’ll be happy to assist you!

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Client's Reviews

It has been a seamless effort working with Isquad. We are very happy with their IT service. Your staff were professional and also very nice and polite. I highly recommend Isquad to everyone who are in need of professional IT service because they really listen to your needs and work accordingly. Thank you guys.

- James

I’m happy to be able to comment on their work – they provided such a good service to us. I am very happy with the efficient IT Service provided by isquad. The guys were quite professional in their field they didn’t waste any time and concentrate on what they’re doing. Thank you Jay and team!

- Robert

At early stage I was very frightened. But with the team of isquad I was amazed by the way they conducted themselves as well as their work. I have been delivered with very good service for all my tech requirements and it’s much appreciated. I would love to recommend isquad to everyone who is in need of reliable IT service provider.

- David

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    We not diagnose your problems, we analyze it too for better result.

  • Solution & Fixation

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    We guarantee for 100% customer satisfaction work. Send feedback and help community.

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