Tablet & Smartphone Support


Tablet & Smartphone Support

Tablets & Smartphone needs specific technicians to repair fluid damage, broken screen, or other breakdowns. At iSquad, we repair and provide comprehensive support for all your mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Samsung, and other major brands.

If you are facing any kind of the above problems, then you are at the right place. We have it all under control, contact us and we will positively fix it for you. Our professionals at iSquad can completely diagnose and provide an instant solution to each and every technical issue you face with your computer.

Highly Skilled Technicians

Hire iSquad experts to fix all your problems related to smartphone and tablets.

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Common Issues

Bluetooth Issues

All together software and hardware are responsible for Bluetooth concerns including cached data, older version, and other interferers.

Booting Issues

Software customization, OS crash, virus, bad applications and defective memory card are the reasons of booting problem.

Phone or Apps Crashes

System or app crash occur due to bad network, too many running apps, virus, and poor memory management.


Excessive gaming, erratic charging, virus and active apps in background etc. may be the cause of overheating.


Problems faced while synchronizing your tablet or smartphone with other devices due to unstable or non-functional internet connection.

Slow User Interface

Overused internal storage, too many apps, virus, cache files and faulty microSD card can slow down the device.

Cracked Screen

Having a cracked smartphone or tablet screen may cause freezing, touch screen malfunction, crashing and restarting.

Water Damage

So unfortunately you have dropped your tablet or smartphone in water. There are high chances that short circuit may occur troubles like overheating, blank screen or break down.

Broken Buttons

Unresponsive tablets or smartphone buttons or broken buttons may stop you from opening home screen, menu, volume levels etc.

Battery Issues

Over use of apps running in background, overheating can be the reasons of battery issues in tablets or smartphone.

Distorted Speakers

Damage caused by liquid, dust or falling results in speaker distortion, poor audio and sound.

Hazy or Broken Camera Lens

Scratched camera lens may lead to distortion in captured pictures. Focusing issues may also be reasonable for hazy images.

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One stop tech support for smartphones and tablets

Having problem with your smartphone? Do you find that your smartphone is slowing down? Call iSquad agent and get instant technical support from us at any time of the day. We are a complete smartphone support provider offering help with Smartphone software installation , software updating, email setting up and lot more.

Our talented team members are well aware with all the avant-garde devices like iPad, Blackberry playbook and Samsung tablet. Contact us today to get your Smartphone or tablet repaired instantly without having to drop into a mobile care shop and sit in the waiting area for hours.

24/7 Smartphone Support

iSquad is a remote support service provider, open 24/7/365. We offer excellent tech support to all Smartphone and tablet users online.

Our experts are ever-present through our portal. Call us at 833-361-3601 and get expert assistance from us instantly. Our executives team up with technician who works on devices as long as the problem is not fixed.

Our technicians are all extensively trained to assist users in every possible way. They are all skilled and proficient to troubleshoot all your technical issues. Our charges are also much relaxed than the others in the industry. Besides, with our services, you do not have to invite a stranger into your house for the repair work. We deliver the service online so that utmost convenience is enjoyed by the users.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

Client's Reviews

It has been a seamless effort working with Isquad. We are very happy with their IT service. Your staff were professional and also very nice and polite. I highly recommend Isquad to everyone who are in need of professional IT service because they really listen to your needs and work accordingly. Thank you guys.

- James

I’m happy to be able to comment on their work – they provided such a good service to us. I am very happy with the efficient IT Service provided by isquad. The guys were quite professional in their field they didn’t waste any time and concentrate on what they’re doing. Thank you Jay and team!

- Robert

At early stage I was very frightened. But with the team of isquad I was amazed by the way they conducted themselves as well as their work. I have been delivered with very good service for all my tech requirements and it’s much appreciated. I would love to recommend isquad to everyone who is in need of reliable IT service provider.

- David

How We Work

Our Dedicated Staff Members Work With Our Clients to Deliver a Hassle Free IT Experience

  • Contact & Connect

    Connect with any of our experts to repair and fix your issues.

  • Diagnostic and Analysis

    We not diagnose your problems, we analyze it too for better result.

  • Solution & Fixation

    Get in touch with us for all your Solution and Fixation requirements.

  • Satisfaction & Feedback

    We guarantee for 100% customer satisfaction work. Send feedback and help community.

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iSquad is a leading, global provider of business and IT support services, aims only to enhance the customer experience by enabling our teams to work more efficiently and effectively. No job is too big or small for us. We love what we do.

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